APSIG Community Participation and Privacy

APSIG is a community platform and a gathering space for those interested in the Internet Governane space in the most challenging of circumstances. It is an opportunity designed to bring practitioners across stakeholder lines together, in order to generate an agenda for a respecting digital future. As hosts, our number one priority in planning APSIG evetns is to ensure that we take all necessary and appropriate steps to protect vulnerable and at risk groups. It is our commitment that APSIG should be and remain a safe space for open discussions without fear of intimidation or threat of reprisal. Below are some important considerations and processes that we have developed to ensure that APSIG continues to be a space that is both inclusive and safe.


APSIG organises public event, meaning that anyone can register and attend. While this public registration allows us to be inclusive and representative of diverse voices, we recognize, on the other hand, the potential implications this may have for participants who have taken considerable risk to be present and participate. In order to facilitate a shared space that is safe and productive, we will provide specific guidelines on how to engage ahead of every convening.


During in-person APSIG events, participants are issued a name tage upon arrival that include their first name, last name, and affiliation. In an online event, participants will not have a name tag, and as a result, we request all participants refrain from filming, photographing, or posting on social media about any other participant without their express permission. 


While APSIG is open community space, APSIG EC do reserve the right to revoke access, confiscate credentials, temporarily pause access to the platform, or otherwise deny entry or restrict entry to APSIG spaces, at any time. We may take these steps in the event that an individual or their organization:

In all cases, this decision will be a thoughtful and considered action and the decision to revoke access to APSIG community space will be taken very seriously.