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We are excited to announce the upcoming 9th Edition of Asia-Pacific School on Internet Governance (APSIG 2024), continuing our mission to raise awareness and  capacity building within the Asia-Pacific region on the matters of Internet governance. APSIG serves as a vital platform for Internet leaders from diverse backgrounds to come together for training and collaboration.

Event Information:
Date: 18th to 20th August 2024
Taiwan Local Host: Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC)
Venue Sponsored By : Hu Fu Center for East Asia Democratic Studies, National Taiwan University

APSIG is part of a broader initiative to promote Internet governance education globally. In 2016 Professor Kilnam Chon, a pioneer in the region's Internet development led the inception of this organization. Today,  APSIG stands as a cornerstone in shaping the digital landscape of the Asia-Pacific region by annually convening an intensive training program on Internet Governance. With a curriculum designed to address emerging technological challenges, APSIG fosters a deeper understanding of internet governance principles. This focus on capacity building equips participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively address internet-related issues within their communities, making APSIG a crucial initiative in advancing digital literacy and governance in the region.

Local Host:
We are also very glad to announce Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC) as the local host for APSIG 2024.  TWNIC is a non-profit organization established in 1988, and assumes a central role in managing internet resources within Taiwan. Funded by government entities and the computer society, TWNIC not only oversees domain name registration but also actively promotes internet development initiatives and fosters international cooperation in the digital space. With its wealth of experience and expertise, TWNIC ensures a seamless and enriching experience for all participants attending APSIG 2024 in Taipei, Taiwan, contributing to the event's success and the advancement of internet governance in the Asia-Pacific region. 

APSIG 2024 welcomes sponsors who share our commitment to advancing Internet governance education and fostering collaboration in the Asia-Pacific region. Sponsorship opportunities offer organizations visibility and recognition among a diverse audience of Internet governance professionals and stakeholders. For sponsorship inquiries, please contact us at

Fellowship Opportunities:
Fellowship opportunities will be available for individuals across the Asia-Pacific region. Stay tuned for updates, the fellowship application portal link, along with detailed instructions, on the application process and eligibility criteria  will be made available on our website shortly. 

Program Highlights:
The program will feature a diverse range of sessions covering Internet governance topics, capacity-building workshops, and networking opportunities. Detailed program schedules will be shared closer to the event date.

Preparation and Instructions:
Selected fellows will be required to participate in pre-event preparation sessions, including online learning modules, to maximize their engagement and learning experience during APSIG 2024. Further instructions regarding travel arrangements, visa requirements, and accommodation details will be provided to selected individuals in due course.

Get Involved:
If you're passionate about Internet governance issues and eager to learn and contribute to the APSIG program, we encourage you to get involved! Whether as a fellow, or volunteer, your participation will help enrich the dialogue and foster collaboration in shaping the future of Internet governance in the Asia-Pacific region.

For inquiries or assistance regarding the application process, please contact us at or

We look forward to welcoming you to APSIG 2024 in Taipei, Taiwan, for an inspiring and productive meeting!